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You need to self record an online video, but you’d like to deliver your script perfectly, without having to worry about memorising lines or forgetting key points.

This is a perfect time to use a teleprompter.

Teleprompters scroll your text slowly line by line so that you can read at a natural speed, while at the same time looking directly at the camera.

This means you are, in turn, looking directly at your audience.

When doing a traditional corporate video production using a teleprompter, film and video professionals will set the teleprompter up in front of the camera lens, so that when you are reading your lines, you are literally looking straight at the camera.

This is the same for good online video teleprompters. These should be optimised so that when you are reading from them, you are also looking directly at the webcam camera on your laptop or desktop.

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ii. You are more likely to remember something if you read it out loud. And this means you will be more comfortable and natural when reading via the teleprompter when you are ready to start recording.

A study from the University of Waterloo in Canada, reported that the “dual action” of speaking and hearing yourself speak helps the brain to store the information, so that it becomes long-term memory. This process is called the “production effect”. An earlier study reported on the benefits of typing or writing words in improving memory retention.


Step 2 Edit your script to be spoken rather than read

If you watch a head of state delivering a speech, or a TV newsreader delivering a bulletin, the sentences are shorter than if written to be read as a story.

Here’s an example of how to edit your script for reading and performing, either to a teleprompter for recording, or even for a live speech.

For most people, the third attempt is the winning recording

So for this final take, you don’t need to scrutinise every word on the teleprompter, but rather use it as a comfort supporting guide to pace you through your final delivery performance.

Let your eyes imagine the teleprompter really is your audience, and look them in the eye as you speak.

If you’re ready to start practicing for your next speech or recording, test yourself out using a free online teleprompter.

You’ve got this.